Financial Counseling Services

The Problem:


Most people knowingly live beyond their means and have little savings. When credit cards arrive people are tempted to charge...charge…charge. Then paying the monthly minimum becomes difficult. Suddenly an unexpected medical bill, vehicle expense, or job lost results in severe financial crisis. Seventy-five percent of all Americans are three paychecks away from bankruptcy.


The Solution:


Obtain help to establish a monthly budget plan and set priorities. Develop a plan to pay off credit cards, medical bills, collection accounts, and other debts. Be educated to avoid high-risk loans, risky home mortgages, payday cash and income tax advance loans, and other scams. Review credit reports and improve credit rating. Learn tips to avoid identity theft. Sign up for Do Not Call and Opt-Out lists to avoid phone solicitations and unwanted mail.


We are and approved Representative-Payee  for Social Security recipients who need help managing their funds.


Contact our Financial Counselor for free budget counseling. 717-334-1518 x268.


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