Turning Point Program Details


How does an individual or family qualify for this program?


The Turning Point Interfaith Mission programs receive written referrals (on agency forms) from area homeless shelters and social service agencies.A family or individual must be homeless in order to receive assistance through Turning Point.

A homeless person is defined as someone who is living on the street or in an emergency shelter, or who would be living on the street without Turning Point’s assistance.


Families and Individuals are interviewed and assessed for:


  • Verifiable disability (if applying for the permanent housing program in York County)

  • Motivation: desire to obtain and maintain self-sufficiency

  • Willingness to cooperate: abide by Turning Point program guidelines and work toward pre-established goals.

  • Capacity to maintain permanent housing: ability to live independently, to seek and obtain income suitable to meet a participants goals for independence.

  • Criminal history

  • Drug/alcohol problems


How does the program work?


Case management is an essential part of the Turning Point Interfaith Mission Programs.Personal assistance with the families and individual’s life challenges and specific needs are provided by the case manager for each program.


The most common case management services provided are:


  • Goal planning and organizational skills

  • Financial counseling/budgeting

  • Referrals to continuing education programs

  • Life skills workshops

  • Transportation needs

  • Referrals to mental health and/or drug and alcohol counseling

  • Referrals to utility assistance programs

  • Assistance in completing social service paperwork


Turning Point Interfaith Mission provides an opportunity for qualified people to achieve and sustain self-sufficiency while improving their quality of life. Together we will establish a goal plan that will enable us to tackle problems one at a time. We will provide program participants with the ability to live as independently as possible, seek living wage jobs, find permanent housing, and renew their hopes for the future.