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Project New Start

This program can assist with security deposits up to $750.
Applications are not being accepted for any other categories of assistance.

Click here for a printable application.

If you need assistance with past due rent/utilities please apply through SCCAP:

If you are a homeowner seeking assistance please go to the Pa. Homeowner Assistance Fund:

You must be a resident of Adams County to qualify for Project New Start.

Households cannot exceed 80% of the Area Median Income or $72,250 for a household of four.

**If you do not provide all of the documents requested there will be a delay in processing.**

Please provide copies of:

  • Social Security Cards for all household members

  • Photo identification for the head of household


AND provide proof of your income in the form of:

  • Social Security Award letters

  • Unemployment Compensation Award letters

  • Child Support Statement

  • Paystubs


AND provide proof of your assets in the form of your most recent bank statement.

Please provide a copy of your lease or an "intent to rent" letter from your landlord.



Distributions will be paid directly to the landlord. A W-9 form will be required where necessary. PICPI may request further documentation to verify a need or vendor.

The submission of an application does not guarantee that your request will be approved.


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